Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh how I've missed you Blogger!

PALS! I've been MIA! 

Super duper busy slash I think that blogging everyday for a month did me in a little. I needed a little me time haha. BUT I'm Back! 


  • I've 'Stumbled Upon' haha an epic new website called Stumbled Upon (See that's why it's funny) If you haven't been there before YOU MUST! It helps you find amazing things on the internet that reflect your interests. Warning, it's addicting. I've spent a good hour clicking 'stumble' :) 

  • In April I'm going to be teaching a new Prenatal yoga class! Here's some shameless self promotion:
Exciting news: I will be teaching pre-natal yoga @ Kula Studio in Fernwood starting sometime next month, do any of you know anyone that is pregnant, or soon to be? I would love to have them in class! My info will be up on their website soon (Just working out the fine details) BUT in the meantime they are welcome to check out Kula's website
Remind them how important it is to take care of themselves and baby during those exciting 9 months!! I'm instructing not only postures, but breath techniques, relaxation methods, kegels, and strength postures to help them have smooth labor, and birth :) Would love it if you could pass this info on, love love!
We aim to provide a healthy and healing environment where care, and consideration are essential to exploring each persons individual goals towards healing.Learn More

  • Still enjoying the box of veggies that come every 2 weeks from Saanich Organics CSA program! We received beets this time around, and using those, and the ones I JUST harvested from our garden! (Can you believe that?!) I made Borscht! With THIS recipe :) Amazingly good!!

  • The next sewing project I have in mind is to make pillows for our couch! Who doesn't have couch pillows? Poor hubby uses a bedroom pillow, it definitely doesn't look as nice. Bought material from value village, so cheap! Here's one of the cats kindly modeling it for me haha. 

  • Last but not least! P90X. Brianna and I went 8 weeks straight with the program, but have decided to gym it up instead now. I'm pretty proud that we went that far with the program, and I'm enjoying the lifestyle change it has provoked in us! Going to the gym get's me jazzed for the rest of the day, it's pretty great :)

I hope your all doing fabulous, I found another challenge that I'd like to bring to the blog, it's a 30 day drawing challenge :) So stay tuned for that, will probably begin in April! Stoked for the garden, stoked for warmer weather, jazzed about new classes. 

Cheers xo


heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Hi Claire - wondered where you'd gotten to. Glad that you have been so busy - very exciting about the yoga class.

ClaireBear said...

Thanks Heather!