Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photo Challenge! SO BEHIND!!

Hey Friends! 

It's going to be a big picture post today to catch up on what's been missed!

I've been MIA because I've been sick AGAIN. :( My poor body must be missing something?! 

Challenge for the 22nd was WHERE YOU WORK

This is the only work related photo I have haha. SO happy to have a day off, and will not be venturing anywhere close to work today!! 

For the 23rd it was YOUR SHOES


I LOVE these shoes :) I've had them for years. They were a gift from a dear friends uncle :) The brand is 'Creative Recreation' I call these my 'Moon Boots' haha.


Left to Right:

Hair brush,
 Parissa Wax Strips (AMAZING),
 Nature's Gate Toothpaste (Gel, I prefer Toms),
 Body Shop Coconut lotion (Light and wonderful. I use it on my face)
Glysomed hand lotion (Smells great :)
Natural disinfectant spray (From a herb shop in Courtenay, BC)

Left to Right:

Vaseline x2
Saltspring Island Soap (Gentle and amazing scents. I'm currently using Cinnamon)
Q-Tips (So Necessary)
Alba Shave Cream (For Hubby! He says he like's it :)
DIVA CUP! (For all women out there. If you don't know what this is, you should!!) DIVA CUP WEBSITE Best decision I ever made concerning that time of the month. Seriously.
Tom's Deodorant (Lovely and Aluminum Free!)
Body Shop Strawberry Lotion
A lighter (I love tubs with lit candles :)
Sudocrem (From my pal Andrea, works well on rashes, or skin irritants)

There you have it, the inside of my bathroom cabinet.

For today the challenge was GREEN

My Green eye'd baby :)

OKAY! One last thing to talk about! To my EXTREME delight I've signed up for CSA boxes! CSA stands for 'Community Supported Agriculture.' For $30 every two weeks I'm having veggies delivered to my house! Not just any veggies, but local, seasonal, organic, happy veggies that come from and support 5-6 local farms! In the box we just received we got:

Winter Greens
Frozen Berries
Pea Shoots

I didn't know what Kohlrabi was. It looks like this:

I found a recipe online for 'Kohlrabi Ham Bake' We added a few of our own ingredients, but it turned out great!

YUM. Here's the recipe

We added frozen veggies, and cheese.

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend! I'm resting a lot to recover from this sickness. I'm hoping to cook the pumpkin tonight, and find a recipe to use the rutabaga in.



Tony said...

Interesting work uniform.

ClaireBear said...

Hahahaha It's true :)