Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zen Day (Three part breath)

Hello Friends! 

It's day 7 of our detox. Check out my last posting if you want to know what the heck I'm talking about :) It's going okay, although I've come down with something. I have a fairly weak immune system, so I think that by releasing the toxins out of my body, it left me susceptible to the 'bugs' out there. So that's kind of irritating. It's hard detoxing while your sick because (well for me at least) all I want is comfort food, and chicken noodle soup! 

Okay, enough complaining!

For this Zen Day I thought I would talk about the '3 Part Breath' A yogic breath technique. Or 'Pranayama technique' (In Sanskrit.)  I taught it to my lovely Sunday morning class today! 


I like to practice breath techniques on a comfortable seat. Sitting perhaps on a cushion, or meditation seat, gently cross your legs and try to have a nice straight spine while practice pranayama technique in order to have a straight channel for breath to flow in and out of. Once your cozy, relax your eyes shut, or soften your gaze. Draw your breath attention into your belly. Notice as your belly begins to rise and fall with every breath. (If it helps feel free to move your hands onto each part of the body as you breath.) Keep your breath moving in the belly for 5 rounds. For the second part begin your breath from the belly, and as your breath increases bring your breath awareness from your belly into your chest and ribcage area. As you exhale move your breath from your chest back down into your belly. Continue this breath pattern for 5 breaths. Finally for the third part, begin with the breath in the belly, draw it up into the chest, and finally into your throat. As you exhale move backwards from throat, to chest, to belly. Continue this full expression of the '3 Part Breath' for as long as your are comfortable. 

Relaxes the body and calms the mind
Massages abdominal organs
Improves digestion and elimination
Energizes the body
Brings 7x more Oxygen to the lungs than shallow breathing

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday! 

Can't believe I'm making it through this detox! Some how I make it every year :) I think hubby and I may go for steak dinner when it's over. Talk about extreme opposites. 


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