Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Elections

Less then a week until the elections! Are you informed? If you can't be bothered to research the candidates the least you can do is this political compass quiz. You are asked a series of questions and based on the results it calculates which party you would most likely be voting for. I did it a couple weeks ago because hubby and a few friends were told about it at school. Some tough questions but the outcome is quite interesting. Also the CBC website has some great political resources and information regarding the up and coming election. Get informed friends! Don't forget to vote!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where have I been?

Oh man I feel like I haven't posted for 2 weeks. 

I've been on a magical journey. Last weekend I started my 250 hr. teacher training. What a trip. 

The first weekend we introduced ourselves to eachother. Theres 9 of us. What a fabulous group of people. It feels so great to be in a group where we can banter about the same interests. I leave happy everytime class ends. It's interesting how different everyones path has been but our paths have happened to cross into one for the moment. :) Our second day we met a woman named Heidi Sherwood from Sapphire Day Spa she introduced us to Ayurvedic practice. Ayurveda is the sister practice to yoga which is something I didn't know until last weekend! Check out Ayurveda.com for an intro to Ayurveda. I would like to explore this science more in the future. This course is stirring up so many ideas for me. The next day we had Anatomy and Physiology with an amazing teacher from Moksana named Norman Sim. He has such a wealth of knowledge I could have picked his brain all day! It's so important to know the body when teaching yoga, alignment is really important to get everything that you can from a pose. The weekend finished on such a high note. I'm not even describing half of the lovely things we learned but oh man. I can't wait to apply them to my practice and teaching. 

This weekend we started by checking in with eachother. Discussing homework and how we were adjusting to the program. I honestly felt like I had a hard time finding balance but I think as the course progresses I'll get the hang of it. It takes time to adapt to change I think. This change is definitely for the better :) We got to go on a field trip to the Base Lounge where we took part in Kirtan. It was absolutely amazing. It's definitely not for everyone I'm sure but chanting/singing together was great. You could feel the vibrations resinating through your body. Mmm. I'll be going back for sure! Today we worked on alignment in the Asanas I'm pretty sore from working with so many poses but i've had many an 'Ah Ha' moment today lol. The learning is infinite. That's what's so great about this. Everyday I'm shown something new, or something old from a new angle. It's so great. I'm so happy. 

Anyways that's where I've been! I have so much blog reading to catch up on! Hope you've all been well. It's nice to have a moment to check in. On another plus side it would seem that spring has sprung. In Victoria at least. It's been so lovely and warm for the past few days :) :) Well until next time, cheers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Related Posts Widget with thumbnails for Blogger

Related Posts Widget with thumbnails for Blogger

How cool is this? I've seen this on other peoples blogs, but couldn't find it in the widget list. It's cause it's not there :p It takes a little bit of work to make this widget work, but it's easy with this step to step guide. Your pages views go up and it's easier for people to cruise your blog for topics that interest them. Definitely a little bit of genius at work! Thanks Aneesh for developing this widget :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Go Canucks Go!

Still my favourite logo!

Just got home from watching the first Canucks playoff game :) We won!! 2-0 take that Chicago!! I love love love playoffs. They make some of the best beer swinging slash dinner parties ever! From my perspective: I really like the togetherness of the games, game-play action when it's good, beer swigging, and foooood! Most of the time I understand what's going on, but admittedly I have to ask silly questions sometimes. I hate it when I lose track of the puck but worst is when I miss seeing a goal :( Thank god for re-plays! 

Sometimes I envy that the guys can full-on banter about players, history, and tactics. Where would the comic relief be if I wasn't there though?!?! Right? I really want a Canucks shirt. I kinda can't believe I don't have one! I wanna be apart of the gang. I feel the spirit. Like someones sign said, and apparently the phrase was used a couple years ago " I believe it's our turn" 
Go Nucks!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The magic that is baking soda

I'm always interested in finding 'Green' ways to clean my home. I've only used baking soda in baking up until now. I didn't really know it had any other use. Pretty naive since it says right on the box "For baking,cleaning, and deodorizing." Lol. 

My Bestie introduced me to the wonder that is baking soda. I used it to clean my shower the other day and oh man did it sparkle after! My yoga training is coming up soon and my yoga mat is pretty dirty. :( I mean it's light blue but still it looks like I have the dirtiest feet ever. Jeez. I wondered what else this magical cleaning agent could do. So I cruised the net and found someone who had made a list! Gotta love the internet. I'd put the list on here but it's pretty huge. Click on "Baking soda tips" to check out the website.

Happy cleaning :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little bit about me

Ten facts about me!

1) I'm a Virgo
2) I love chocolate covered anything :p
3) Spiders are the scariest things ever! Ever.
4) I want to open a yoga studio
5) Sometimes I'm scared in my own skin.
6) I'm a wife :)
7) I'm really short, and I love it ♥
8) I look forward to the day I earn my black belt!
9) I adore baking :)
10) I'm a goofball.

 This was part of the 30 day photo challenge I did on Facebook. I thought I'd share it on here :) The picture was taken at Science World in Vancouver. I always have such a blast there. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yoga Nidra (Meditation 3)

Looks comfy doesn't it?

In previous posts I've discussed tools to help you into meditation. Whether it be with the help from a candle light to focus your attention, or the scent of an incense to draw you in. For personal meditation these tools help an enormous amount. I know that it isn't easy though and I found myself looking for some help. I got the help I needed when I stumbled across a 'Yoga Nidra' class. 

I had no idea what the class would be like, but no matter. Just like anything new I find it's best to barrel through head first! The instructor was really welcoming and she came over to help me build my "nest." You see in "Yoga Nidra" you don't practice the postures of yoga you only practice the meditative side of yoga. I like to have a yoga mat down, a blanket on top, a blanket under my head, bolster under my knees, and a blanket over me. She said the key is to become completely comfortable and relaxed. I took this quite literally ;) I tend to set myself up like I'm about to have a serious cat nap. It's okay to be that sprawled out in public right? Haha. 

Yoga Nidra translates as "Yogic Sleep" it's the practice of deep meditation in a group setting with a facilitator. I've come further in a Yoga Nidra class then I've ever come with my own meditation practice. Not that I should become dependent to only practice with a facilitator. It definitely helps though. Breathing naturally the facilitator guides you through, having you first become aware of your senses, then she talks about the sensations in the body. You're encouraged to quiet your mind and become present with the practice but she does mention that if you find yourself drifting it's important to not become discouraged just find your way back to your breath and try again. 

Sometimes I fall asleep. Well a lot of the time I fall asleep. Apparently though even when you drift off into a basic sleep state your still reaping the benefits of Yoga Nidra. So that's good. Lol. Man you feel so lovely when it's over. So refreshed, energized, and peaceful. I've met a couple people who say they make a habit of going once a week because you feel so great after :) So for any of you who are struggling with meditation maybe consider going to a Yoga Nidra class. I definitely recommend it! Happy meditating.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fall on your Knees

Dark and Twisty. 
Ann-Marie MacDonald is a very creative and talented writer who takes you on a journey you can not escape. It's one of those books you absolutely can't put down. Don't be fooled though, this book is like a bad accident you can't help but look at. It has mature themes, crude idea's, and a strong religious element. It's not for the faint of heart that's for sure. 

The first couple of pages are a bit confusing but afterwards you get hooked. It's ironic because I thought it was a love story but it's clearly very far from that indeed. I don't want to describe too much of the story because there are so many twists and turns that I don't want to give away. I'll just say this, It's about an incredibly unconventional family based in the late 19th Century. Reader beware this isn't a happy book.